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In 1965, Robert McCabe traversed the stormy seas to Kasos, and was instantly captivated by its rocky, mountainous landscape and sparkling beaches. Through his lens, we encounter the island’s daily life and striking terrain; from its ports, where crowds await the mail’s arrival; to the villages, where carefree children play in the streets, dancers step to the music of lyres and violins, and friends gather for coffee; to the mountaintop views of fields, shores, and islands nestled in the sea. In a stark contrast to the transformation undergone by other Greek islands, many of the scenes depicted in McCabe’s photographs remain almost unchanged today.

Featuring stunning full-page tritone reproductions of McCabe’s photographs, A Postcard from Kasos, 1965 will appeal to all travelers off the beaten track.

ISBN 978-0-78921-430-0

224 pp


Patakis Publishers, Athens and
Abbeville Press, New York

Text available in English and Greek

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