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On the Road with a Rollei in the '50s

On the Road with a Rollei in the '50s

From the preface:

"Look at the photos of Paris, and think of Cartier-Bresson or the great postcards of Yvon. Look at all the Greek photographs. Did he learn from Constantine Manos? No, they were taken almost ten years earlier than Manos's wonderful A Greek Portfolio. American pictures - before Robert Frank. And so on. McCabe, for reasons I do not fully understand, has given us a treasure trove of images, each one thoroughly rewarding. How fortunate we are to have this collection by a photographer whose name is not well known, but should be."

James L. Mairs
May 2007

ISBN 978-960-16-2646-8



Patakis Publishers, Athens and
Abbeville Press, New York

Text is printed in both English and Greek

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